Keep Your Color

Highlights and dyes can damage your hair. Check out our stylists’ hair color ideas and tips to keep your strands vibrant and strong


Always use products specifically designed for color-treated hair. Only color-safe products have the technology to help you protect your color and keep it vibrant and fresh.
After you color your hair, wait two or three days (if you can make it) before shampooing to allow the color to absorb completely. If you want to shower, use conditioner in place of shampoo to give extra moisture without stripping the color.
Be especially gentle with color-treated hair—coloring weakens hair and makes it more prone to breakage. Only use covered elastics to tie it back and brush it with a natural bristle brush when it's dry.
Never go swimming without protecting your color. Before going into a pool or the ocean, apply a leave-in conditioner on damp hair to prevent the chemicals and salt from stripping your color.
Don't go to a tanning bed or sit in the sun without covering your hair. The UV rays will react with your color and may alter it or cause it to fade, so cover your hair with a scarf or hat.
Don't forget to condition your hair daily! Colored hair needs extra moisture to keep it soft and smooth.