The TRESemmé Anti-Sponge Shampoo & Conditioner system provides ultra-rich smoothing, leaving your brittle hair soft and silky. Formulated with aloe vera, this advanced smoothing system gently cleanses and conditions, reducing frizz and defending against flyaways.  Your hair will be left salon-healthy and smooth.
To prevent frizz, wash hair with TRESemmé Anti-Sponge/Anti Esponjado Shampoo and TRESemmé Anti-Sponge/Anti Esponjado Conditioner to create smooth texture. Getting the right brush is key for frizz-free hair. Invest in a boar-bristle brush with a rubber base to smooth and straighten hair. See more tips
Feel fun and spontaneous with this carefree style. In four steps you can achieve Piecy, Playful Tresses