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A woman brushing her straight hair.

Tips from nature for your hair type


Is your frizzy hair getting out of control? Does your dry and damaged need some love and care? Has the colour you applied changed beyond recognition? Or is it an itchy scalp that makes you look like you’re thinking all the time?  


Now, it’s time to treat your hair like it were a crown. With these tips, on how natural products and ingredients can protect and nourish your hair, you can get all the results you’ve desired for. 


Fine - Detangling


What your hair requires most is time and care. Take your time and use your fingers to detangle your hair, rather than a comb. This avoids breakage. Also, begin at the end of the hair and work your way up to the roots. Detangling your hair once a week isn’t much to ask for, is it?


Dry / Damaged Hair


It has never been a secret that the most common reasons for hair breakage are heat, harsh chemicals, tight hairstyles and rough treatment. It’s always good to let loose. The same applies with your hair. Avoid overly tight hairstyles, stay miles away from chemical processes that change the structure of your hair, and say a strict no-no to constant combing, brushing, tugging and pulling. Also, avoiding daily handling of your hair can reduce breakage significantly.


Coloured Hair


Your colour is great the day you have it done, but can often fade fast. Use a low sulfate shampoo for clean hair with colour that lasts. Also, use less heat on your hair, which means avoiding blow-drying, curling irons and straightening irons to the maximum. The simplest of all, allow your hair to dry naturally whenever you can.


Frizzy Hair


Coconut milk and Aloe vera are among the best natural moisturizers and ingredients for your hair. In addition with carrier oils, it becomes the perfect solution for your hair, which prevents moisture loss by creating a protective layer over your cuticles. If you’re looking for paraben free solution to keep your frizzy hair under control, TRESemmé Botanix is a must in your shelf. With a naturally inspired formula, it gives you soft, smooth and shiny hair every single day. 


Curly / Wavy Hair 

The primary rule of hair care is avoiding disasters. And for curly/wavy hair, there can’t be a bigger disaster than rubbing, scrubbing, swirling or piling your hair on top of your head while shampooing. This type of manipulation can cause tangles you don’t even want to think about. As scary as that sounds, the solution is rather simple. Divide your hair into 4 parts, more if it’s super thick. Clip away the other sections while you apply a small amount of shampoo or cleansing conditioner to the first section. Work it thoroughly until your scalp and gently squeeze it down along the length. Repeat this on all the sections. Then rinse your hair in the same sequence, starting at the scalp and squeezing from top to bottom.