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Tresemmet Violet Blonde Shine Shampoo


Loving your new blonde tresses but finding it turning brassy really soon? Get your woes sorted with the TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine. Its Violet Formulation with Pearl Extract helps to neutralise brassy tones on blonde and silver hair. Making your gorgeous tresses stays blonde for longer.

Our first range designed specifically for blonde and silver hair. A professional, quality system*, with Pearl Extract and Violet Toning Pigment to help neutralise brassy and yellow tones, revitalising colour and shine, while giving intense nourishment.

*TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Shampoo & Conditioner system versus non-conditioning shampoo.

The TRESemmé Violet Blonde Shine Series uses Violet Toning Pigment, infused with Pearl Extract, to neutralise brassy tones so blonde and silver hair stays bright for longer.