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TRESemme Ultimate Hydration Series

Ultimate Hydration Series

Secure the maximum amount of hydration for you hair in just one wash. With our Ultimate Hydration Series, you’ll rock a professional shine that stuns for days, with 7x more luxurious moisture.*

*TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner system versus non-conditioning shampoo.

There’s nothing worse than dull, dry hair. To give you the rich nourishment your locks crave, our TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration Series is our most moisturizing formula yet. Formulated with Vitamin E, our Moisture Complex formula infuses an instant boost of deep hydration to each strand of hair, leaving you locks feeling silky smooth. Start your wash with our TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration Shampoo to ensure a deep cleanse. Finish with our TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration Conditioner and rejoice in shiny, soft hair.

The TRESemmé Ultimate Hydration Series uses our unique Moisture Complex formula, formulate with vitamin E, to deliver deep hydration from roots to your ends, ensure a silky, smooth finish.