A model with hair in a messy, plaited bun.
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    STEP 1:


    Softness is the key to achieving a romantic finish. Start by washing your locks with TRESemmé Botanix Nourish and Replenish Shampoo and conditioner to help moisturize and smooth the hair shaft before styling.

  • A stylist holding a large section of a model's hair in their hands.

    STEP 2:


    Part your hair vertically down the center, then again horizontally from ear to ear. For now, pull the lower half of your hair into a pony to keep it in place.

  • A stylist's hands applying hair spray to a section of a model's plaited hair.

    STEP 3:


    Take the loose section of hair on one side and twist it back towards the center of your crown. Once you’re half-way through the twist, split your hair into two sections and then twist these strands around each other. Use a bobby pin to secure the completed twist, then repeat on the opposite side.

  • The hands of a stylist touching the back of a model's hair, fixing it into a thick plait.

    STEP 4:


    Once you’ve completed the other side, twist the two pulled back sections around each other to create a wide, flat bun. 

  • Model with a thick, loose plait and a stylist applying heat styling tongs to it.

    STEP 5:


    You can now free your hair from the low pony. Tip: Apply TRESemmé Heat Defense spray and create gentle 'S' waves using a flat iron if you need more movement. 

  • A model with her long dark hair in a twisted bun with a stylist applying hairspray to her hair.

    STEP 6:


    Tame any frizz with your favourite hair spray to complete an effortlessly chic look.

    What are you waiting for? Take this runway-ready style and make it your own by playing with the thickness of the bun and pulling out more strands – the more (un)done the better!