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A section of long dark, damaged hair being styled with heat tongs.

Damaged & dry hair

Weather, heat styling, colour treatments: your hair is under constant attack. Find out how to help repair dry and damaged hair with professional-quality products from TRESemmé.


By using the correct shampoo and conditioner system, you’ll be able to deliver optimized hydration that treats dry hair and helps deliver moisture where your hair needs it most. Always start with a shampoo for dry hair that strengthens and repairs with every wash, followed by a conditioner infused with rich proteins for optimum frizz control. Infused with coconut milk, coconut oil and Aloe Vera, TRESemmé BOTANIX Nourish & Replenish System is a fabulous remedy for damaged and dry hair. 


Brittle hair types also benefit best from the effects of deep conditioning hair treatments, so look for products that will help to hydrate and moisturise coarse hair. Masks help provide instant deep moisturising, leaving hair feeling smooth, shiny and salon-soft. Apply  TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Mask evenly from mid-shaft to ends and leave on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Finish by styling hair with your favourite styling products for smoother looking tresses.


Turns out, dealing with hair breakage and damaged hair is as easy as your hair care regime. Ready to whip your hair into shape? Look at our hair treatments for dry hair.


Say goodbye to weak, distressed hair, and hello to flowing, stronger-looking locks! The TRESemmé Platinum Strength collection is a line of hair care products specifically designed to repair and strengthen your hair’s natural protective layer for beautiful, radiant results.


Always on the look-out for products inspired by nature? Stop the search! We have found a way to infuse a blend of nutrient-rich botanicals with our professional-quality formulas. The result? TRESemmé Botanix: a collection completely free from parabens and dyes, to help reveal your hair’s natural beauty.

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Don’t let dry hair get you down. The TRESemmé Moisture Rich collection, formulated with vitamin E, targets dryness to deliver optimal hydration where your hair need it most, transforming brittle hair into touchably soft locks.

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