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Two models with a side section of their hair tied up

How to restore shine and identify hair problems

When you have a set routine, you can often find that your hair becomes neglected. Your hair may look good, but is it actually healthy? With the rush of every day life, the flat iron may become your best friend, but over time, it can become your worst enemy. Straightening and dyeing may give your hair the shape and color you want in the short term; however, if used in excess and without subsequent treatment, they can also remove the keratin and shine from your hair.

In order to repair the damage and restore shine to your hair, try the following tips:


1. Wash your hair with keratin

Having a routine can cause you to neglect your hair. You may love the flat iron for the shine it gives your tresses or hair coloring for its vibrancy and statement. However, excessive use of these and other styling habits without any subsequent hair treatment can remove keratin and shine from your hair. 

Among the keratin shampoo brands, Tresemme’s keratin shampoo cleanses and prepares the hair for treatment, while the keratin conditioner, which is infused with hydrolyzed keratin, nourishes and aligns the strands from root to tip to control frizz.


2. Use a hair treatment 

Washing your hair with the correct shampoo and conditioner is the first step. The second step is to keep your hair hydrated by using a good quality treatment cream once or twice a week. If you have colored hair, best to use a colored hair treatment. We suggest using the Keratin Smooth collection, which contains micro-particles of both keratin and silicone. It protects your hair and leaves it silky, shiny, and frizz-free. The ingredients are fast-acting and works in five minutes. 


3. Wash your hair with cold water

Cold water is your best friend when restoring shine to your hair. Washing your hair with hot water can leave it dull and lifeless, whereas cold water helps to seal the cuticles and reduce greasiness. With the cuticles sealed, the texture of the hair becomes more uniform, leaving it with an all-over shine. 


4. Use a leave-in product containing sun protection

Just like skin, your hair also needs protection from the sun, especially if it lacks shine! As you have just read, a strand of hair is composed of protein, which can be damaged by excess sunlight. As a result, the hair stops reflecting light and loses its shine.

So, when you leave the house, apply a leave-in product containing sun protection to your hair.


5. Improve your diet

You may not realize it, but eating healthily is essential for improving the appearance of your hair. A diet rich in soy, for example, is ideal for your hair. Soy contains vitamin B, proteins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, selenium and zinc, which are all essential for healthy hair.

A final tip on restoring the shine to your hair is that, before you leave the house, always take a restorative oil with you and apply it to your hair when you feel that it is looking lifeless. But remember: don't use too much. Too much of the product can leave your hair stiff and looking heavy. 

After following these tips you will notice a radical change in your hair. Say goodbye to dull hair and say hello to shiny hair that is full of life and shine.