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The at-home hair extension care hack used by professionals


We stan hair extensions. They’re amazing for helping you look and feel your most confident no matter what. 


But as songstress Alesha Dixon shared in a recent Instagram post, there’s still an air of mystery around hair extension care. “Even though everyone in the industry loves to wear them to complete their glam look, not many people open up about wearing hair extensions.”


Hair extension care 

Celebrity hairstylist and Lead Stylist for TRESemmé, Aaron Carlo is an expert when it comes to hair extension care. All his clients wear them. “I encourage my clients to treat their hair extensions pretty much exactly as they’d treat their own hair. It’s so important that you wash the product out of extensions thoroughly and go on to condition and use heat protection. TRESemmé Moisture Rich range is my go-to for this because you get a lovely gentle cleanse and a deep condition at the same time.”


Co-founder of Afro Paradise, Tamara Vanderpuye is all about that hair extension aftercare. “I love TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. I use them without fail once a week to wash and deep condition my extensions and wigs. I’ve had some of my hair extensions for over a year and they literally look as good as the day I bought them.”


Hair extension care hacks 

Good hair extension care will help yours stay beautiful longer. Look after your investment by washing them every week using salon-approved products.


• Start by combing your hair extensions  with a wide-tooth comb or your fingers. 


• Wet the extensions and use TRESemmé Moisture Rich Shampoo for a gentle, moisturising cleanse.


• Unusual Hair Hack: Slipping your extensions into a pair of sheer tights helps reduce knotting and friction damage as you shampoo . Place the hair where your foot would go and fasten with a hairband .


• Apply your TRESemmé Moisture Rich Conditioner. Leave in for intense hydration and natural shine making them easy to style and blend with your own hair.  


• Moisture Hack: Cover or wrap your conditioner-soaked extensions in sheer tights or cling film to lock in even more moisture .


• Remove stockings or cling film and rinse thoroughly.


• Styling Hack: Aaron Carlo suggests plaiting your extensions and hanging in the dryer cupboard for gorgeous heatless curls. 


• Before you style, add heat protection. TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray to damp hair. This stops your extensions from drying out so they last longer . 


• Style and get on with your day.


Get 'salon-quality results at home with TRESemmé'.  


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