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A model with the side sections of her hair gathered around the back of her head.

How To Take Care Of Frizzy Hair


Do you dread rainy days? Avoid holidays in humid climates? Break out in a nervous sweat at the thought of your blow-dryer breaking down? Whether it’s down to the weather or simply DNA, we know living with frizzy hair can be complicated. And it’s not just the curse of curly-haired girls: everyone with dry or damaged strands is susceptible to an attack of the frizz. Good news then: a few simple routine switch-ups can make a big difference to achieving that silky-smooth lifestyle. Just follow these seven pro tips for controlling frizzy hair to feel cool, confident and in control, regardless of what the day (or the weather!) throws at you. 


1. Start in the shower

The drier your hair, the more prone it is to frizz. So the first logical step to tackling fuzz and fly-aways is choosing a shampoo and conditioner that boost moisture. Look out for anti-frizz hair products that contain nourishing ingredients like coconut or marula oil. And when you shampoo, do it gently – don’t scrub all over. As you rinse, softly squeeze the lather through the lengths and ends. That's all it takes to get them clean. 


2. Resist the rub

Once washed, fight the urge to towel-dry those tresses with vigour. The friction from rubbing will make frizz worse. Instead, pat the moisture out and wrap your hair in a soft, absorbent microfibre towel. This stops the hair’s cuticles from fluffing, and reduces the risk of static and frizz.


3. Control your combing

The last thing you want if you’re trying to prevent damage is a brush that breaks strands, so switching to a natural-bristle brush is an easy win. Not only are natural-hair brushes gentle, they also help distribute your hair's natural oils better than synthetic brushes, which is nature’s way to reduce frizz.


4. Lower the heat

As anyone with an unruly mane will know, most hairstyles for frizzy hair usually require heated tools to help smooth out strands, but that only leads to more damage and frizz down the line. One stylist-approved way to solve this is to allow hair to partially air-dry (the microfibre towel will help speed this up), then set your dryer to cool for a final finish, limiting moisture loss as you style. 


5. Protect your hair

For some of us, switching up our styling routine (and stepping away from the straighteners) is a change too far. This is where a heat-protection spray comes in.  A great way to stop moisture evaporating from your freshly washed do… give wet hair a generous spritz before you style, to protect tresses from the intense temperatures of styling tools. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray will shield strands from the damaging effects of heat while also fighting frizz for up to 72 hours. 


6. Mask it

We’ve said it before but it’s important so, we’ll say it again. Dry hair equals more frizz. To keep hair hydrated and prevent it soaking up humidity from the atmosphere, treat it to an intensive mask for frizzy hair every week. Deep conditioning treatments, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Mask, help to replenish hair, leaving it soft, smooth and frizz-free. Just apply a generous scoop to wet hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes and then rinse out. Quick and easy frizz control.


7. Shine bright

For extra protection at your driest points, consider a hair serum. The final step in your routine, it provides a protective layer that locks in moisture and helps control frizz. Apply to the lengths and ends of your locks to keep hair looking smooth and shiny but never stick.