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Welcome to The Presence MasterClass™

A free 7-part MasterClass designed to help women succeed in their lives, not just with their hair.

Discover how to overcome challenges of confidence and self-doubt & hear from amazing women who have powered their Presence.



When it comes to beauty, we all tend to focus on what we call “the end look”. There are countless tutorials out there teaching women how to “get the look” to build confidence. But we know hair is one of the most powerful self-confidence tools. A good hair day = a good day, right? As a haircare brand, we absolutely believe this. It’s precisely why we work tirelessly to evolve our formulas and create new products.


Yet, even with all of the confidence looking our best can bring, women are still coming up against well-entrenched societal barriers, the self-doubt of imposter syndrome, not to mention a legacy of pressures we’ve been conditioned to place on ourselves. So we had to ask: as fantastic as it makes us feel, can a good hair day realistically combat all of this?


If we are really standing for women, then we have to admit, even to ourselves, that if we continue to focus all our attention on the external as the only tool we give women to help them generate self-confidence, we are missing a major trick. 


Because hair only gets you so far.


The truth of the matter is this: whilst putting ourselves together physically is scientifically proven to bolster our confidence, it’s just a part of it. The reality is that everyday life is more than happy to throw a steady stream of challenges our way to undermine our confidence. And the saddest part? It very often succeeds.


You know the moment it happens: when you’re thrown off your game. Maybe it’s a negative comment on your social feed seconds before a meeting. Or it’s someone constantly talking over you. They may seem small, but they can get under your skin and let doubt creep in and snowball. Before you know it, the wind is knocked out of your sails and your inner critic is convincing you that you’ll never be good enough.


Not one beauty tutorial out there equips us to deal with that. Until now.


And no, it’s not another empowerment ad for International Women’s Day. Instead, it’s something more.


Introducing The Presence MasterClass™. 


Created in partnership with the International Center for Research on Women and developed over the past two years with advisors from around the world, it’s a free 7-part MasterClass designed to help women succeed in their lives, not just with their hair. 


We’re not here to tell you exactly what the MasterClass can do. But be forewarned, it might just equip you with the tools you need to not only look your best, but to speak, act and engage in your life with a true sense of presence. From there, who knows? Maybe you will break through those barriers, ditch imposter syndrome and abolish your inner critic for good. No harm in aiming for that, is there?


Hair only gets you so far. The Presence MasterClass™ helps you get the rest of the way.


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