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TY Privacy Notice

    TY Privacy Notice

    Ty is an AI Styling Assistant. This privacy notice describes how Conopco, Inc d/b/a Unilever and its brands in the United States (“Unilever”, “we”, “our”) collect and use personal data when you interact with Ty.

    What data will we collect?

    We will collect Personal Data from you when you interact with Ty by text or speech (“Prompts”) and generate responses based on your Prompts (“Output”). We may collect additional information, such as your email address, if you consent to receive marketing communications within the experience. We will also collect some technical information, like your IP address, automatically to provide the service.

    Do not share Sensitive Personal Data. Ty has been trained to avoid sensitive topics and we will not ask you to provide Sensitive Personal Data in your Prompts. However, if you choose to provide information relating to your hair and health, we acknowledge some of your Prompts may include information considered Health Data under certain privacy laws.

    Use of the AI Styling Assistant is intended for persons over 18 years of age, and we do not knowingly collecting Personal Data from anyone under 18.

    How will we use your data?

    Your Prompts and Output will be captured, processed, and stored by our service providers on our behalf to provide this personalized experience and product recommendations. Our service providers will not use your Prompts or Output for any other purposes.

    We use speech to text technology to automatically transcribe any voice interactions into text. We will de-identify your Prompts and retain the deidentified Prompts and Output for analytics, safety, and monitoring purposes. Analytics may help us to improve Ty over time using aggregated and anonymized data, but we never use your Prompts or Output to train or improve any AI systems.

    Do you collect and store voice data?

    You can interact with Ty by speech. However, we do not store or retain your voice interactions and we do not use your voice data, or generate a voiceprint, to uniquely identify you. We use speech to text technology to transcribe your interactions into text as described in more detail in the “How will we use your data?” section.

    Your rights under privacy laws

    We only retain deidentified Prompts meaning we cannot link any Prompts we retain to you.

    For further information on your rights under privacy laws, please refer to our Privacy Notice . We do not ask you to provide Health Data but, if you choose to share any such data, please refer to our Consumer Health Data Privacy Policy. We do not knowingly collect information from users under 16 years old. You may withdraw your consent at any time by completing the Privacy Rights Request Form.