A woman running her fingers through her long brown hair whilst looking intensely into the camera.


Always on the look-out for natural ingredients? Stop the search! We’ve found a way to blend nutrient-rich botanicals with our professional-quality formulas. The result? TRESemmé Botanique: a collection completely free from parabens and dyes, to help reveal your hair’s natural beauty.

Daily hair styling and product build-up can take its toll on all hair types. The TRESemmé Botanique collection is made up of three different systems to help you tailor the perfect detoxing package to get your hair back into balance. TRESemmé Nourish & Replenish system is ideal for thirsty, frizzy hair in need of a moisture boost, whilst the TRESemmé Damage Recovery system is there for hair that’s been through a lot. Enriched with oils and proteins, the luxurious Oil Elixir leaves locks shiny looking. Cleanse and condition with TRESemmé Detox & Restore system to purify your tresses of any excess oil or product build-up, revealing weightless hair that’s full of movement.

Each professional-quality system is crafted with a unique blend of botanical ingredients, inspired by nature. The TRESemmé Botanique collection is packed with natural ingredients, including coconut milk, aloe vera, green tea, ginger, and jasmine, to help turn hair washing and styling into an invigorating treat.