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New Glitter Sprays Collection

New Glitter Sprays Collection

In the mood for a new look, but want to keep it nonpermanent? Try TRESemmé's New Glitter Sprays Collection, a collection of glitter sprays that add a gorgeous touch of sheen and sparkle with every spray. These sprays will leave your strands glistening until your next wash, making it the perfect hair styling accessory for day-to-night, parties, and festivals. We also made it in a travel-friendly size so you can hit the road and touch-up your style (or let friends borrow) with ease!

Spice up your style with TRESemmé's New Glitter Spray Collection. It features a temporary glitter spray to add shimmer and eye-catching sparkles to your hair with a quick spray.

TRESemmé's New Glitter Spray Collection adds color and glitter that stays in place until your next wash.

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