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Woman with voluminous hair.

Thick and Full Volumizing Products For Fine Hair

Get the full, voluminous hair styles you want with the new TRESemmé Thick & Full collection. Transform fine hair and rock your look!

Fine hair getting you down? Want to work a fuller, more voluminous hair style? TRESemmé Thick & Full is designed specifically to work with fine hair to create bigger, impactful looks. Using first-ever technology, this shampoo, conditioner and balm harness the power of Glycerol to bind water and hair protein to plump strands, moisturizing your luscious locks and creating optimal volume.   

The shampoo contains ultra-light conditioning polymers designed specifically for fine hair, the conditioner lightly moisturizes, and the balm contains a special combination of styling resins and waxes for a thick, textured look and feel. Get the voluminous look you want no matter your hair type with TRESemmé Thick & Full.

This collection of volumizing products for fine hair uses the power of Glycerol to bind water and hair proteins, plumping strands and moisturizing to create full, voluminous locks.

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