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How to get volume in hair by blow drying

How to create a volumized blow dry

Tresemme Hair Styling: Hair Tutorials

Step 1. Spray Thermal Creations Heat Tamer into damp hair all over.

Step 2. Shake Extra Hold Mousse well,  dispense into palm. Spread through damp hair, applying at your root for extra volume.

Step 3. To remove excess moisture, rough-dry with hands. Apply tension at the root and blow-dry upwards for lift.

Step 4. Once hair’s mostly dry, section hair. Place the first section under the round brush before blowdrying to smooth out strands.

Step 5. Apply tension while blowdrying with the round brush to add volume and smoothness.

Step 6. Twist hair free from the brush.

Step 7. Twist the strand with your fingers to hold its shape as it cools.