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Discover products to manage color treated Hair

Products for Color Treated Hair

Let the world see you in full color. Protect your colored hair with the right products for color treated hair, and your locks don’t have to lose their luster.

For those of us who live by the bottle, nothing peps you up quite like a fresh color treatment. But caring for your colored hair takes special consideration and the right hair products for colored hair, like a color safe shampoo. Regular washing, especially with hot water, can strip hair of dye and natural oils, causing dry, dull hair. The solution? Using shampoo for colored hair, designed to prevent colored hair from fading – such as the TRESemmé Revitalize Color collection, with our Advanced Color Vibrancy technology – can help color-treated hair stay vibrant and looking healthy.

Moisture is also key to keeping your color looking its best. Color treatments can leave hair brittle and prone to easy damage, so use a rich conditioner to protect hair from chlorine and heat – factors that can cause your color to fade.

Care for your hair the right way, and let your color shine through. Looking to extend time between color sessions? Try the new TRESemmé Color Gloss Conditioner collection. Check out our full range of root touch ups and products for colored hair.

Root Touch Up Sprays

Say goodbye to roots and grays with this collection that delivers the perfect amount of coverage between visits to the salon.

Root Touch Up Sprays



Can’t find a product that controls frizz and keeps your colored hair from dulling out? Try this. Our TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Collection gives you the best of both: locked-in smoothness and long lasting vibrant color.



Forget about fade: keep your color looking fresh and vibrant with the TRESemmé Revitalize Color collection.



Achieve longer-lasting, vibrant hair color with our new hair gloss color depositing conditioner collection. From dark brunette to light blonde shades, this range of in-shower color conditioner glosses instantly revives faded tones, extending time in between color sessions.