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Color Touch Up and Root Touch Up At Home

How To Care For Dyed Hair & Root Touch Ups


Your color is an investment you want to last. Whether you’re a fan of the natural look or you love a bold new color trend, it's important to know exactly how to take care of dyed hair at home. Here are tips for keeping those colored locks looking healthy and happy.


1. Go for a color-friendly shampoo


Like any chemical process, it's true that dying damages hair—which means it requires extra care! Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair to help replenish moisture and prevent dulling. TRESemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner system is perfect for helping to touch up roots and color touch ups while at home.


2. Don’t over wash


Everyday washing can eventually cause color to fade, so try to cut down on daily shampoos to help keep your color looking fresh. Instead of washing your hair every day, opt for a dry shampoo in between washes—like TRESemmé Between Washees Clean Dry Shampoo—to absorb grease keep hair looking fresh.


3: Moisturize!


Dyed hair gets thirsty, so the key is to keep as much moisture in your locks as possible. Deep conditioning products, like masks, are great for helping hair fight back against the damage dying causes by keeping it nourished and adding moisture.


4: Protect from the heat


Hair dryers and flat irons might be must-have styling tools, but they can take their toll on color. Limit the damage they cause by using heat protectant products, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray, to help guard against excessive heat and high temperatures. They'll help your colored hair stay moisturized and shiny, whatever your preferred heat styling tool.


5: Cool down


It might be tempting to opt for a hot shower (especially in fall and winter), but hot water helps to open up the hair cuticle, which can cause color to run. To avoid color fading, turn down the temperature and rinse your hair in lukewarm water.


6: Root Touch Up


If you need to touch up your roots instantly, here’s how. Say goodbye to in-grown roots with TRESemmé Root Touch Up Sprays. They’re the easiest way to do your own color touch up at home. The easy-to-apply-formula goes on easily in one spray to touch up your roots to keep you feeling confident in your style.

Now you know how to take care of colored hair at home! Here's to locks that look as rich and vibrant as the day you came out of the salon.