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  • Sarah Levey's "Can't stop. Won't stop." #hairstatement

Sarah Levey's "Can't stop. Won't stop." #hairstatement

    Sarah Levey's head turning fishtail braid.

    When it comes to pushing yourself through doubt Sarah Levey, pioneering founder of Y7 hip-hop yoga studio, knows that confidence, drive and fierce hair— like this head-turning fishtail braid — can get you through anything.


    Sarah Levey braiding her hair.

    Gather hair into a mid-ponytail, then divide it into two equal-sized ponies. Separate a half-inch section from the outside of the left pony and pull it across the top over to the right pony. Then do the same thing, pulling a piece across the top of the right over the left. Repeat until fishtail is done.

    2. SECURE IT

    Sarah Levey securing her braid.

    Secure the end of the braid with an elastic, and tug on each section of the braid to add body.

    3. LOCK IT IN

    Sarah Levey spraying TRESemme Hair Spray to finish the look.

    Spray TRESemmé Extra Hold Hair Spray to lock in the braid.