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How to add volume to hair to make it look thicker

  • How to give your hair volume in the shower
  • How to make thin hair look thicker when styling
How to make fine thin hair look thicker: 5 tips from TRESemmé experts

Wondering how to get volume in your hair? It’s easy. Just make a few tweaks to your regular hair care routine – for maximum results with minimal effort.

How to give your hair volume in the shower

Using the right shampoo and conditioner is key to achieving thicker, healthier strands. If your hair is fine or thin, select a volumizing shampoo and conditioner combo that’s right for your hair type.

We recommend TRESemmé Beauty-Full Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner, professional quality products that clean the hair while making it appear to have more body. They’re formulated with collagen and silk protein, ingredients known to penetrate to the protein-rich interior of the hair fiber. The results? A salon-quality finish that makes you feel more confident and assured.

How does volumizing shampoo work?

Volumizing shampoo and conditioner don’t make thin hair thicker, per se. Rather, they produce ‘lift’ by boosting your hair from the roots. Volumizing shampoo targets your scalp and hair follicles, washing away any build-up and residue that can weigh hair down.

A salon-quality volumizing shampoo is usually formulated with ingredients that are scientifically-proven to remove root build-up, enhance your natural follicle structure, and boost lift. TRESemmé Full Fiber Volume Shampoo and Conditioner are infused with collagen and Peptide Complex™, delivering lightweight hydration and enhanced grip for lift and body that lasts.

How to make thin hair look thicker when styling

A blow-dryer can be a useful tool when you’re discovering how to make thin hair look thicker, especially when used in conjunction with the best mousse for fine hair. Prepping your hair with TRESemmé TRES TWO Extra Hold Mousse can make all the difference when it comes to adding body and texture.

Apply a small amount to damp hair from root to tip, then blow-dry your hair, lifting up sections and focusing on the roots and pointing the nozzle upwards. Using a round brush while you blow-dry can help create soft waves in your hair, giving the appearance of more fullness and natural movement.

Stylist tip: Always protect your hair with a heat defense spray before blow-drying to prevent damage. Try TRESemmé Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer.

While you might want to steer clear of adding too much product – in case it weighs down your hair – using a volumizing spray to hold your style in place will ensure your hair doesn’t fall flat. We recommend using TRESemmé Dry Texture Finishing Mist as it provides weightless, full-body volume and texture for an effortless-looking style.