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Color care 101: how to take care of bleached hair and dyed hair

  • Looking after your bleached hair
How to repair your bleached hair

Bleaching your hair can be a great way to experiment with your style and give you a new sense of confidence. However, most color treatments involves chemicals which weaken the structure of the hair. If you’ve recently colored your hair and are keen to learn how to take care of dyed hair, you’ve come to the right place.

The cornerstone of healthy post-color hair is how you look after it – whether you’ve achieved your style at home or at the salon. It’s crucial that once you’ve had a color treatment you implement a care regimen using products specifically designed for colored hair. Becoming adept at knowing how to treat damaged bleached hair will make you feel confident as you get lasting shine and longevity out of your color.

Read on for our colored hair care guide containing tips on washing, conditioning and styling.

Looking after your bleached hair

Finding a good color care shampooand conditioner is the first step in your quest to repair and restore the health of your hair following a dye treatment. Using a after hair color care shampoo like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo will ensure that your hair receives a gentle cleanse without being stripped of its natural shine. This double duty keratin smooth color system locks in smoothness and keeps color treated hair shiny and vibrant. Formulated with Moroccan oil, this system helps to nourish from root to tip.

For your conditioner, you’ll need a product that works hard to deliver the nourishment your post-bleached hair needs, but also one that helps to maintain your chosen color.

Then, to ensure that you have a complete color treated hair care regimen, follow up with a conditioning treatment like our Repair and Smooth multi-tasking styler & hair repair product. This treatment not only counteracts hair damage, but also prevents frizz and flyaways to deliver hair that’s left smooth and strong.

Since many of us aren’t able to get a salon appointment at the time we need it, there is a solution to help you maintain your favorite color and stay confident knowing you have the style you want. The TRESemmé Root Touch Up Spray for Dark Blonde Hair is ideal for when your roots start to grow out and gives the perfect amount of coverage. What’s more, it’s smudge proof and will last until your next wash day.

Now that your hair is washed and treated, here are some tips on how to dry and style your color treated hair safely and gently.

Dry and style your colored hair without causing damage.

Step 1

Use a towel made from non-abrasive fibres such as a micro fibre towel which dries the hair gently and minimises frizz.

Step 2

To minimise damage, refrain from rough drying your hair. Instead, dry in sections and apply soft gentle strokes with your fingers from root to tip to avoid any unnecessary breakage.

Step 3

Blow dry hair with a heat protective product like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Blow Dry Balm, an easy-to-use heat protectant that softly coats the hair and provides a lightweight hold as you style.

Step 4

If you choose to use a flat iron, firstly safeguard your hair by using a protectant like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Defense Spray. This heat protection spray protects your hair against the damaging effects of heat styling and seals in shine.

So, there you have it – you can now rest assured knowing that your bleach or dyed hair is receiving the best post-color treatment care with these failsafe tips. Now you can feel confident and in control knowing you’ve protected your hair from potential damage.