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How to straighten hair for a super-sleek style

  • Straight hair with volume
  • Blow-drying your hair straight
  • How to straighten hair with flat irons
  • The finishing touch

Get the sleekest, smoothest look with straight styles. Let’s take a dive into how to straighten hair for a chic style that’s as stunning as you are…

Straight hair with volume

Even already poker-straight hair needs body and bounce. No matter how straight you get your hair, without volume it will just look flat and lackluster.

Any good hairstyle starts in the shower, so before you get styling, wash your hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend TRESemmé Full Fiber Volume Shampoo and Full Fiber Volume Conditioner, which are specially-formulated for thin hair, but will give hair of any thickness a voluminous boost.

Once you’ve enjoyed your shower, gently towel dry your hair without rubbing at it. Using a microfiber towel to squeeze out excess water after washing is a good tip for preventing split ends and annoying frizz.

Next up, grab your volumizing mousse. TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Volume Foaming Mousse is a great, lightweight option for boosting body without weighing your hair down. Apply this to the roots of your hair, then spray the mid-lengths and ends with TRESemmé Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer before blow-drying on a medium heat until your hair is about 75% dry.

Blow-drying your hair straight

With your hair already partially dry, it’s time to straighten your hair with the blow-dryer.

Pull up the top layer of your hair onto the top of your head and secure with a clip, while you blow-dry the underneath layers section by section.

Attach a concentrator nozzle to your blow-dryer, if you have one, to focus air flow on the section you’re working on and help your hair dry straight.

Place your round brush under the section of hair being dried at the root, and the blow-dryer over the hair. Slowly run the brush and blow-dryer down the length of your hair to the end. Repeat this for each section, then remove the clip and do the same for the top layer of hair.

How to straighten hair with flat irons

Whether you’ve just blow-dried your hair or you’re recycling your look between washes, using a flat iron is the ultimate time-tested method for styling straight hair. However, all that heat can really dry your hair out, so before you get straightening, you’re going to need a healthy dose of heat protection spray.

TRESemmé Thermal Creations Flat Iron Spray is designed to be used on wet hair, so evenly spray this, section by section, through damp hair before blow-drying. Once hair is dry, you can use your flat irons straight away, knowing your hair is already protected from heat.

If you’re straightening dry hair, we recommend TRESemmé Thermal Creations Protective Spray Heat Tamer, which can be used on both wet and dry hair to protect it from heat styling. Spray this liberally about 6-8 inches from your hair, from mid-lengths to ends.

Comb the heat protection spray through your hair to ensure it’s evenly distributed before you grab those flat irons.

What temperature should I use for my flat irons?

The temperature at which you set your flat irons should reflect your hair type. Thick hair tends to be more resistant to damage but can also be more stubborn to straighten, whereas thin hair is likely to be more prone to damage.

The higher the temperature your hair’s exposed to, the more risk of damage. For all hair types, this damage can be mitigated with heat protector spray, but you should match the heat of your irons to your hair type as so:

· For fine hair, set your flat iron to 250–300°

· For medium thickness, choose 300–350°

· For thick hair, you can turn it up to 350–400°

The finishing touch

Once you’ve straightened your hair and are happy with the result, comb it through gently. A comb is preferable to a brush for this step, because a brush may cause static and flyaway ends.

Rub a little keratin serum, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Shine Anti-Frizz Serum, between your palms and gently rake it through your mid-lengths to ends with your fingers. Keratin-enriched serums like this are a great option for protecting your hair and healing existing damage.

Find out more about why we love keratin serum.

Finally, lock in your style with TRESemmé TRES TWO Freeze Hold Hair Spray, which gives our strongest hold yet and is humidity-resistant to keep that frizz under control.

And now, you and your super-sleek straight style are ready to take on the world!