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Frizzy hair tips: what is frizzy hair and what really causes it?

  • Humidity
  • Turn down the heat
  • Damage from dyeing
  • Handle with care

‘Why is my hair so frizzy?’. Words you’ve probably said more than once and still not gotten the answer you were looking for. Generally speaking, frizz occurs when your hair is deficient of moisture and the by-product of this is excessively dry hair that’s rough in texture and prone to knots. But frizzy hair is also caused by a multitude of other factors including humidity and using products that contain drying ingredients.

Frizz is a condition that can affect many hair types and people will experience frizz in different ways. It can be caused by the misalignment among individual hair fibres, which can occur for a number of reasons, such as curly hair that has natural twists, as the result of split ends and broken fibres or due to frequent use of hot styling tools and chemical treatments.

That might sound rather concerning, but don’t worry because we are here to reveal to you how to overcome frizz so you can reclaim your style. Read on for some expert tips.


One cause of frizzy hair is humidity. Your hair is porous and swells when it takes in water (including that which is in the atmosphere), causing your cuticles to lift. So, when humidity rises, your strands are swelling with small particles of water which causes your hair to become frizzy.

There’s nothing that any of us can do to control the weather, but what we can control is the products we use to tackle humidity-related frizz. We recommend maintaining a hair care routine that’s created to help with such scenarios. Try using the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and follow up with the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner.

This professional quality pair offers five smoothing benefits in one, frizz control, helping to detangle, boosting shine, adding softness and taming flyaway hair. Whether you have thick frizzy hair, frizzy wavy hair or fine frizzy hair, these versatile products are perfectly formulated to help soften and smooth your mane.

Turn down the heat

While heated styling tools like straighteners and hairdryers are an everyday part of our routines, most of us are aware of how damaging they can be if overused. It’s so tempting to reach for the heat when trying to calm frizzy hair, but you’re actually creating a vicious cycle if you continue to heat style without protecting your hair first.

Be sure to use a heat protectant like the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray, which is a spray that helps to protect your delicate hair from damage caused by heat styling tools up to 450F. And if you’re able to forego the heated styling altogether, try using the TRESemmé Air Dry Cream.

Damage from dyeing

For anyone who has had a color treatment, you’ll know that the weeks following your hair can feel drier than normal. To achieve your desired colors, the bleach- or chemical-based dyes that are applied break down the bonds of the hair. This can result in your hair being more susceptible to split ends, flyaways and frizz.

For this very reason it’s imperative to use a system of hair care products that are formulated with professional quality ingredients to reduce frizz. Once you’ve washed, conditioned, and dried your hair, next comes styling and the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Serum is a great option. This versatile product is infused with marula oil and instantly controls frizz and leaves strands with radiant luminosity.

Apply one pump from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, ensuring to evenly coat your strands. This can be done on damp or dry hair and can be applied throughout the day if needed.

Handle with care

If none of the above is applicable to you and you’re still at a loss, wondering ‘why is my hair so dry and frizzy?’ there could be a number of other factors at play. Routine day-to-day hair practices such combing and brushing (when done excessively and too rough) can also cause your hair to break, so it’s important to keep hair well-conditioned to cause minimal damage.

And if you’re someone who likes to dry your hair with a cotton towel, try using a microfiber towel which is gentler but still super absorbent. The same can be said for cotton pillowcases, which can cause friction, so switch yours for one made of silk or satin for an overnight frizz treatment.

Now you understand the main causes of frizz we hope this will provide you with the tools needed to help minimise it for good. Remember, invest in the right products and you’ll feel your vibrant best as your hair begins to radiate health and vitality.