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Glam Waves

Dreaming of a hairstyle that combines elegance with a touch of glamour? Glam Waves are a timeless look that adds volume and sophistication to any occasion. Transform your hair with this step-by-step tutorial.

    Glam Waves Video Cover

    Prepare Your Hair

    Start by spraying your damp hair with TRESemmé One-Step Volume Mist, focusing on the roots. This product is designed to give your hair a lift where it counts, creating the foundation for a voluminous look. Plus it protects against heat and blocks out static.


    Rough Dry for Texture

    Using your blow dryer, rough dry your hair to create texture. This technique involves drying your hair in various directions to add body and a slightly tousled base, which is perfect for waves.


    Blowdry with a Round Brush

    Once your hair is partially dry, switch to a round brush and continue blow-drying. Aim the dryer upwards to lift the roots and build even more volume. This step will smooth out your hair while maintaining the volume you've already created.


    Create a Side Part

    Decide which side you want your glamorous waves to cascade from and create a deep side part. This will give your style an asymmetrical allure that's both classic and chic.


    Section and Curl

    Section your hair into manageable parts, and using a curling iron, curl 1-inch sections of your hair. Make sure to curl away from your face to frame it beautifully. The key to perfect waves is consistency, so try to keep the size of the sections and the direction of the curls uniform.


    Set Your Style

    To ensure your Glam Side Part Waves stay in place, finish off with a generous mist of TRESemmé Total Volume Hairspray. This lightweight formula infused with collagen and Vitamin B5 will give you the lift and hold your hair needs without the stiffness and stickiness.