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Voluminous Waves

Looking for a way to achieve smooth, voluminous waves at home? With TRESemmé products and a few simple steps, you can create a look perfect for nights out, weddings or any occasion. This tutorial is specifically designed for those with coily hair, but can be adapted for other hair types as well.

    Voluminous Waves Video Cover

    Apply Volume Root Spray

    Start by applying TRESemmé Volume Root Spray to your damp hair. Focus on the roots to give your hair a boost of volume right from the start. This product is designed to lift your hair from the roots, giving you a fuller, more voluminous look.


    Section Your Hair

    Next, section your hair. This will make it easier to manage as you blow dry and style. You can use clips or hair ties to keep the sections separate.


    Blow Dry with a Flat Paddle Brush

    Now it's time to blow dry. Using a flat paddle brush, blow dry your hair section by section. Aim the blow dryer downwards to smooth your hair and reduce frizz.


    Flat Iron Section by Section

    Once your hair is dry, use a flat iron to straighten each section. This will help to smooth your hair even further and prepare it for curling.


    Curl in 1” Sections

    Finally, it's time to create those voluminous waves. Using a curling iron, curl your hair in 1” sections. Alternate the direction of the curls for a more natural, voluminous look.