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French Braids

French braids are not only a classic choice for achieving a sleek, 'clean girl' look, but they're also perfect for managing second-day hair with style. In this step-by-step tutorial, we'll guide you through creating beautiful French braids using TRESemmé's professional-quality products, ensuring your hair looks and feels fabulous.

    French Braids Video Cover

    Prep with One Step Texture Spray

    Start by applying TRESemmé's One-Step Texture Spray throughout your hair. This product is designed to add texture and volume to your hair, making it the perfect base for your French braids with the added benefit of a matte finish.


    Part and Section Out Your Hair

    Achieving symmetrical French braids starts with a precise center part. Use a tail comb to part your hair down the middle, then split it into two equal sections. This will serve as the foundation for your braids, ensuring they are even on both sides.


    Braid the First Section

    Starting at the crown of your head, select a small chunk of hair and divide it into three equal strands. Begin braiding by crossing the right strand over the middle, then the left strand over the new middle. This is the start of your French braid. Check out the video for an extra look!


    Master The 'Grab and Grab' Technique

    As you continue braiding, employ the 'grab and grab' technique. With each cross-over, pick up a small section of hair from the sides and add it to the existing strands. This method integrates loose hair into the braid, creating the signature French braid look. Continue this process until you reach the nape of your neck.


    Secure the Braid

    Once you've incorporated all your hair into the braid and reached the ends, secure it with a hair tie. Ensure the braid is tight enough to hold its shape but not so tight that it causes discomfort. Repeat the braiding process on the other side to complete your look.


    Apply the Finishing Touches with Freeze Hold Hairspray

    To ensure your French braids stay in place all day, finish off with a spritz of TRESemmé Freeze Hold Hairspray. This will lock in your style, prevent flyaways, and maintain the sleek appearance of your braids.