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In 2020, we are using 3,000 tons less virgin plastic enough to stretch from NYC to LA 15x.

Restyling for the planet

Restyling for the planet: Starting with TRESemme’s 2020 Plastics Commitment

In 2020, we are using 3,000 tons less virgin plastic enough to stretch from NYC to LA 15x.

As one of America’s top haircare brands, TRESemme can make a real, positive impact on the planet by restyling our product packaging. Plastic waste is one of the biggest environmental threats our planet is facing, so to start, we’re committing to halving our annual use of virgin plastic globally in 2020. We’re doing that by introducing new TRESemme Restyled for the Planet bottles for our premium and base collections.

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    TRESemme’s Plastics Commitment 2020

    Restyled: Our new bottles

    The new TRESemmé Restyled for the Planet bottles offer everyone’s favorite shampoos and conditioners in packaging made with less virgin plastic. Through this initiative, we’ll be able to keep the equivalent of 305 million standard plastic water bottles* out of landfills in 2020 alone. People across the nation can now get the same professional-quality TRESemmé hair care they know and love in new bottles to help lessen the impact on the planet.

    Our TRESemme brand effort is part of Unilever’s industry-leading commitment to make all its plastic packaging reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

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    TRESemme’s Plastics Commitment 2020

    Recycle: How to Recycle our new RESTYLED Bottles

    What can be recycled and how to do it can be confusing. Do you need to rinse? What about the cap?

    All of TRESemme’s new Restyled bottles are made from 70-100% recycled content (i.e. non-virgin plastic).

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    TRESemme’s Plastics Commitment 2020

    We are on a journey to have all of our bottles be recyclable, and today all of our white, red and green bottles are already recyclable. We’re working on solutions for our other bottles, including developing a new black pigment for our black bottles so they can be detected and sorted. A recycling symbol can be found on the back label or bottom of most TRESemme® products. 

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    TRESemme’s Plastics Commitment 2020

    For questions on our journey to full recyclability, see here.

    1.  Empty bottle. No need to rinse.

    2.  Discard cap. (Our caps and pumps aren’t recyclable currently, but we’re working on it.)

    3.  Place bottle in recycling bin!