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5 things you probably didn't know about hair

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Hair

Having a good head of hair is something that a lot of people take for granted. Here are seven facts about hair we bet you didn't know. Our bodies are fascinating and capable of incredible things. But how often have you wondered about your hair? Whether it’s short, long, curly or frizzy, here are five hair-facts that will make you a smash hit the next time you’re at your salon. 

Hair grows faster in heat

It’s called the summer growth spurt and your hair can grow up-to 10% faster in the summer than in the winter according to a well-known American study []. Why, you may ask? Some speculate it’s because our blood circulation improves in hotter months, which stimulates hair growth. 

Human hair contains 14 trace elements, including gold!

Even if you have no filings, your body contains about 2mg of gold. Your hair is one of the places you will find it. So when your better half says that your hair is your crown, you had better believe it. 

Your hair is your body’s evidence locker

Your hair is amazing and stores all the information of things that have entered your blood stream, including drugs. That’s why hair is used as forensic evidence in crime investigations. 

Einstein hair syndrome is real

There is a very rare genetic condition aptly called Uncombable Hair Syndrome or UHS, in which the hair shaft becomes wrinkled and unable to lie flat on the scalp. The result is a head that resembles Einstein’s famously wild hair. Some people speculate that the famous scientist suffered from the same condition but we will never know without a genetic test. 

Your hair is your 6th sense?

Native Americans believe that long hair gives you supernatural abilities to sense things, like a cat’s whiskers. It has been reported that Native American trackers or scouts who have long hair perform better than their counterparts with shorter hair. There seems to be no science to back it up but we like the thinking anyway. 

Have you got any awesome hair facts you want to tell us about? Share your factoids and join the conversation.