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Indian lady washing her hair

Hair Wash Do’s And Dont’s

A woman’s hair is her crowning glory. The way you choose to wear your hair is an artistic expression unique to your personality and preference. However, a good hair care routine is a must if you want your locks to look radiantly healthy and well taken care of. The wintery season can be as damaging to hair as it is to your skin. How so? Well, the drop in temperature can cause your scalp to dry out, sucking moisture from the root of the hair and making it more susceptible to breakage.

Regardless of the texture, colour and preferred style of your hair, having a good hair care routine in place will ensure that your hair looks and feels healthy. Knowing how to correctly wash your beautiful tresses will make all the difference between good and bad hair days. Stick with us as we take a look at hair wash do’s and don’ts that cater to all types of hair.

Oily hair that is limp can be a drag in every sense of the word and can make for a rather dull appearance. Treating oily hair with the correct shampoo and conditioner will not only alleviate the problem, but it will also prevent drying the hair and scalp out too much. It is important to find products that best balance out the moisture of your hair. What would be the best shampoo and conditioner to create the perfect moisture balance? Oh, alright, no need to get your hair into a knot! We’re getting there.

Oily Hair? Treat it Like A Professional Would

The general misconception for washing oily hair is that any shampoo will suffice in curbing the problem. The truth is that while many shampoos keep your hair clean, it does not necessarily assist with combating oily hair. The TRESemme hair care range has one of the best shampoos for oily hair currently available on the market to combat this problem. For beautiful, shiny tresses wash hair with TRESemme Cleanse and Replenish shampoo and conditioner.

While washing hair, do not rub it continuously as this may cause split ends. Instead, lather hair with a generous amount of shampoo and use your fingers to massage your scalp, and wash hair by gently massaging the hair strands. Rinse well and follow up with the TRESemme Cleanse and Replenish Conditioner.

Oily hair days do not necessarily have to be bad hair days. With the proper shampoo and conditioner, oily hair can become a thing of the past.

What about colour-treated hair you say? Well, for the fiery redheads, beautiful brunettes, honey-kissed blondes and raven-haired beauties, we give to you the TRESemme Colour Revitalise range.

Washing and Caring For Colour-Treated Hair

We’ve all heard the saying, “When a woman changes her hair, she’s on a mission to change her life.” Colouring your hair is an exciting journey into unchartered territory, and with that said, the maintenance of your new hair colour is important if you wish to maintain that glossy shine and striking colour. Choosing a colour shampoo to maintain and care for your hair is EVERYTHING girlfriend!

TRESemme’s Colour Revitalise Shampoo and Conditioner will keep your hair healthy while supporting you on your “mission” by boosting your confidence levels with lustrously gorgeous hair. Colour-treated hair need not be a hassle with a few good tips and tricks. Do not wash colour-treated hair with high-temperature water. The heat of the water will fade colour sooner.

We’ve all experimented with a new hairstyle at least once in our lives, right? For those of us new to braided hairstyles and how to properly wash and maintain them, lean in a little closer, we’ve got you, girl.

Braided Hairstyles

Now that you’re on fleek and have the braided hairstyle down, we can talk about how to wash them while protecting your hair from breakage. Caring for your hair while rocking your braids is made easy with the TRESemme Care and Protect Shampoo & Conditioner. To care for and protect your hair from breakage that may be caused by tightly plaited braids, lather your scalp with TRESemme Care and Protect shampoo and massage thoroughly, then rinse and follow up with conditioner from the same range. For added moisture, apply the TRESemme Botanic Moisture and Replenish Oil Mist.

Love your hair, it is your crown to wear, so wear it boldly, with an air of elegance and a lot of grace. Let your tresses do the talking this spring. Until next time ladies, happy hair washing days ahead.