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Back view of a woman running her fingers through her hair

Healthy Hair Starts With A Healthy Scalp

When you shop for hair care, how often do you take your scalp into account? Do you browse for products based on what it will do for your hair and scalp, or for your hair only? The skin on your head is often overlooked, but a healthy scalp is important in maintaining healthy hair.

We believe that natural ingredients are key to promoting a healthier scalp and shinier hair. Our TRESemmé Botanic range is infused with a rich botanical blend of coconut milk and aloe vera. Its lightweight formulation relieves a dry and itchy scalp, while maintaining and protecting your hair's natural moisture.

Cleanliness and stimulation constitutes a healthy scalp. Massaging and cleaning are key to preventing any scalp issues. However, those with sensitive scalps understand just how distracting, irritating and painful it can be. A healthy scalp can be defined as being free from:

  • Itchiness
  • Redness
  • Excessive flaking
  • Pain
  • Acne / cysts
  • Sun damage
  • Hair loss

Imagine your scalp being the foundation of a strawberry field. If there’s something wrong with the soil, the strawberries won’t grow. If your scalp is inflamed, full of bumps or starts flaking, it can actually prevent your hair from growing strong and healthy. There are over 10,000 hair follicles in your scalp, and these hair follicles produce a natural oil called sebum. Sebum helps lubricate your scalp by moisturising it and acts as a barrier against infection.

There are many ways to make your scalp regain its health. All it takes are some simple changes to your hair care regime in order to make a difference to the health of your scalp. Below are some simple tips and tricks to getting a noticeably healthier scalp.

Wash Your Hair Less

Contrary to popular belief, washing your hair everyday does more damage than good. If your goal is to avoid getting oily hair, try TRESemmé’s range of fresh and light dry shampoos

Washing your hair too frequently strips away your hair’s natural oils and in turn can cause your hair follicles to overproduce sebum. Keep hair washing to a maximum of three times a week to allow your scalp to breathe.

Use A Gentle Shampoo

Sensitive scalps should avoid contact with products containing sulphates, alcohol or fragrances. If your scalp was already dry and sensitive, exposing it to these products will enhance the redness and itchiness you’re experiencing. Opt for a shampoo that will relieve your sensitive scalp issues instead of exacerbating them. The TRESemmé Botanic Moisture & Replenish Shampoo is perfect for hair and scalp that could use extra nourishing moisture.

Change Your Diet

A diet rich in fruits and vegetables can greatly benefit the health of your scalp, hair and overall well-being. Fruits and vegetables are the best source of antioxidants to counteract an imbalance known as oxidative stress. This can lead to various health issues including hair loss and an unhealthy scalp. Try also including probiotics – yoghurt, for example - in your diet to improve and enhance a healthy scalp.

Try Scalp Scrubs

Who said scrubs were for your face and body only? Scalp scrubs are indeed a thing and can be used to exfoliate the skin on your head. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, excess oils and can boost hair growth. The stimulation from the scalp scrub promotes blood flow and thus encourages your hair follicles to produce more sebum. Apart from that, it feels amazing too!

The next time you shop for hair care, consider how it will affect your scalp. After all, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp.