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Protein Vs Moisture Products

Protein vs. Moisture Treatments

Investing in a good hair care regime is essential for keeping your locks bouncy, shiny and healthy. But what is the difference between a moisture treatment and a protein treatment? And when should you be using them?


We all have different hair types and therefore there is no one-size fits all recommendation to keeping your hair moisturised and strong. So here is the breakdown between the two most common elements required for happy hair: Protein and Moisture.



Our hair is made up of the same stuff that makes cow hoofs, animal horns and fingernails: Keratin. This protein strengthens our hair and enables hair growth, because it minimises hair breakage. If you suffer from hair loss or breakage, especially if you relax, peroxide or dye your hair, you probably need a protein boost. BUT! If you use too much protein, your hair can lose flexibility and become brittle, so be careful you don’t overdo it. Try the TreSEMMÉ Keratin Hair Mask every once and a while to keep your locks smooth and shiny.



Your hair soaks up moisture like rain in the desert. But, like the desert, if it rains too much, the ground can become a soggy mess. Moisturising your hair should be approached with caution because it’s easy to overdo it. Over-moisturising your hair will affect its elasticity and could lead to breakage and hair damage. Give your hair a regular dose of moisture (without drowning it) by applying TreSEMMÉ’s moisture rich conditioner for 10 minutes and give it a good rinse to make sure your hair doesn’t look oily afterwards.


Like anything in life, too much of a good thing can be bad. So it’s all about experimenting with your hair to see what hair care routine works for you. Share your hair stories and join the conversation.