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Woman with blonde hair cutting her bangs with scissors.

Tips for cutting side-swept bangs at home

Side-swept bands require regular trimming to stay in tip-top shape, but since we’re still practising social distancing – we advise that you cut your own bangs at home.

We’re going to show you how. All you’ll need is; scissors, a comb, clips, a big piece of plastic and a towel.

Let’s show you how to cut your side-swept bangs:

Prep your hair and cover it up

Before cutting your bangs, you want to ensure that your hair is clean, smooth and free of oil. Wash your hair with TRESemmé Platinum Strength Shampoo and Conditioner. This duo fortifies and strengthens hair while leaving it smooth and shiny. These TRESemme Platinum Strength products nourish and make your strands stronger.

Section hair and create a triangle

Clip your hair at the back to keep it in place or tie it into a ponytail as you work on your bangs. Then draw an imaginary triangle from the top of your mane up to your right and left temples. Doing this will ensure that your bangs will be balanced.

Comb and cut

Cut your bangs in the middle and use this as a guide for when you cut your bangs on the sides. Position your scissors horizontally and cut your bangs straight, then comb your hair towards your right side and position your scissors diagonally. Then, cut your bangs downwards and continue to the left side to cut your bangs downwards as well.

Add a bit of texture

Position your scissors vertically and point-cut the tips of your bangs to make your fringe look a little softer. To complete your look and keep flyaways at bay, apply TRESemmé Extra Hold Styling Hair Spray to achieve maximum hold and shine.

Now you know how to cut your own side-swept bang. Remember to continue to strengthen your hair with TRESemme Platinum Strength range that will not only keep your hair healthy but give it a sleek, salon finish too.

You’re now ready to rock your gorgeous hair. For more hair care advice, check out these at home hair tips.