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Tips for transitioning to natural hair

Around 1 600 people search for “natural hair products” on Google per month. It’s clearly evident that more women are embracing their natural hair and are looking for chemical-free products to match.

Going natural is not always easy – women can take about a few months to years trying to reverse heat and relaxer damage to their hair. But we must assure you that it can be done!

No matter what shape your hair is in right now, if you want to reach your ultimate natural hair goals, don’t lose hope. All it requires is discipline, quality hair care products, and a few tips to get you started.

Moisturise every day

Natural hair tends to get dry because it’s harder for natural oils to travel down hair strands because of its curls and coils, so daily moisturisation is essential. There are several ways to moisturise your hair – pre-shampoo, condition and deep-condition. Let’s break it down:

•  Pre-shampooing adds moisture to the hair follicles before shampooing the hair. You can use serums or even oils like coconut and avocado evenly to the hair before adding a shower cap and sitting under the dryer. Wash the hair as normal with shampoo afterwards.

•  Condition after shampooing your hair. When you shampoo your hair, you essentially strip it from oils, which is why applying a conditioner to wet hair is important to rehydrate the hair.

•  Deep-condition with a hair mask on a regular basis - about once a week. Applying a hair mask to the hair adds a natural shine while reducing breakage and split ends. Try out the TRESemmè Botanic Moisture and Replenish Rich Oil Mist, which is designed to keep your hair nourished, soft and easily manageable.

Detangle while wet

Detangling isn’t fun, but it is much easier to do when your hair is still wet. The last thing you need is a chunk of hair left in your comb that was painful to brush through – this is exactly what will happen if you comb dry hair.

After washing your hair, divide it into four sections or more and apply the TRESemmé Botanic Nourish and Replenish Conditioner to soften your hair. It’s the ideal conditioner for curly hair and is enriched with coconut oil and aloe vera to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Now you’re ready to comb your hair confidently without the stress of excessive hair breakage. Watch this video on how to detangle hair for a step-by-step guideline.

Air-dry your hair

Blow drying and straightening the hair can lead to irreversible heat damage. When transitioning, many people refrain from adding any kinds of heat to the hair. We recommend air drying your hair or drying it with a T-shirt – wringing with a towel can also strip the hair from oils and worsen split ends. But if you really must use a hair dryer, use a heat-protectant spray to seal the hair and protect it from damage.

Use a wide-tooth comb

The wide spaces between the teeth prevents damage when combing out your hair as opposed to a medium or fine-tooth comb. This also makes detangling easier and causes less friction to the hair.
Achieving luscious, healthy-looking hair requires effort, patience and quality TRESemmé products. You may take a while to reach your hair goals, but by giving it regular TLC, you’ll be able to confidently whip your hair back and forth in no time!