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Gorgeous female wearing sunglasses with long deep conditioned hair after using TRESemmé hair treatment products.

Top Hair Trends for 2019

Keep your hairstyles current with these awesome, trendy, hair looks for 2019.


The Wild Curl AKA the Disco Mamma 

This year is all about tight-to-the-scalp curls that bounce and bop like a cherub’s. Channel your inner-disco-diva and go wild with a hairstyle that is carefree and larger than life. TOP TIP: Apply TRESemmé’s Styling Volume and Lift Mousse to damp hair for bouncier and fuller curls!


The Long Bob AKA The LOB

This style is making waves for its easy-to-manage, instant-volume effect on soft and limp hair. If you’ve got flat, long hair that needs a bit of oomph this style is THE ONE. TOP TIP: Ask your hairdresser to keep the chop blunt or straight (no layers) for maximum volume. 


The Sleek High Bun AKA the Instant-Facelift 

Some things never go out of style and this year sees the return of the high bun as one of the top contenders for look of the year. It’s all about the product you use to keep those flyaway bits under control to make sure you rock that “I got this” look. TOP TIP: Make sure your hair is moisturised and happy, so it doesn't become brittle and break. And use the TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray to set the look once you’re happy. 


Super Long Hair AKA the Back-Tickler

Not going to lie to you, unless you haven’t been working on this look for the past ten years, you’re probably going to need some extensions to pull-off almost every girl’s dream hair style: suuuuuper looooong hair.TOP TIP: Nothing looks worse than long hair with split ends.  So, keep feeding your hair tons of protein and moisture to keep your locks and their extensions feeling smooth, sleek and longer than life. 


Find more tips and tricks in our “how to’s” section for your crowning glory and sport your best look ever this year!