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A model with the side sections of her hair gathered around the back of her head.

How to prevent frizz

Do you dread rainy days? Is the thought of your blowdryer breaking down enough to give you panic sweats? Well good news: with these six tips to help tame  frizz and flyaways, you no longer need to fear the 'f' word.


1. Controlled combing


The last thing you want if you’re trying to control frizz-induced flyaways is a brush that breaks strands, so try a natural bristle brush. Not only are natural hairbrushes gentle, but they also help distribute your hair's natural oils better than synthetic brushes, which reduces frizz. How you brush is just as important as what you brush with. It might sound backwards but brushing hair from the bottom up helps tackle tangles along the hair shaft, reducing damage and breakage that harsh top-to-bottom tugging can cause


2. Shampoo your scalp


Are you washing your hair the right way? Sounds silly, doesn't it – but there is such a thing as the wrong way to do it. When you shampoo, massage it gently into the scalp – don’t scrub all over. As you rinse, softly squeeze the lather through the lengths and ends – that's all it takes to keep them cleansed. Which means: no need for aggressive rubbing that can cause damage and frizz!


3. Lower the heat


The trouble with some straight and sleek looks is that they usually require heated tools to help smooth out strands, which can lead to more damage and frizz later down the line. Solve this by allowing your hair to partially air-dry, then set your dryer to cool for a final finish – this will help to limit moisture loss as you style. And fight the urge to towel dry those tresses with vigour! The friction from rubbing will make frizz worse – simply pat gently and squeeze your hair with a towel instead.


4. Use products that protect


Of course, it's unrealistic to avoid heated styling tools altogether. A great way to stop moisture evaporating from your freshly washed 'do is with heat protection sprays. Give wet hair a generous spritz – try TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray – before you style with heat to protect tresses from intense temperatures, helping reduce frizz. 


5. Mask it


Keep frizz in check by spoiling your locks once a week with an intensive treatment. Nourishing masks, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Treatment Mask, help keep your hair shiny, smooth and frizz-free. Simply apply a generous scoop to wet hair, leave it on for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse out. It's a dose of TLC for your hair!


6. Shine bright


For extra protection at your driest points, consider a serum. Applied to the lengths and ends of your locks—on both wet and dry hair—they provide a protective layer that controls frizz, tames flyaways, and makes hair look sleeker for smooth and shiny results.


Don’t give up the dream of smooth, sleek strands: with these tips, 'how to get rid of frizzy hair with TRESemme products' will soon be a question you stop asking.