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Backs of group of diverse women arms interlinked

Our TRESemmé Power & Style Pledge

For a very long time, the standards of beauty weren’t inclusive of all women and their hair. Women were shown narrow ideals of beauty to look up to. We say that's enough.

Our mission is to inspire all women to express their personal style. To champion them to be the most powerful they can be.

For this mission to come to life, we’ve set up programmes with a specific focus on afro-textured and curly hair to reflect our commitment to a more inclusive and representative society.

We have:

  • Appointed the Hair Advisory Board. These well-informed experts, who are passionate about diversity and transformation in various fields, guide us to make sure that we prioritise inclusion and diversity in the work that we do.
  • Committed to communicating about all hair in a positive way, focusing on the benefits of our products.
  • Committed to improving the lives and businesses of hairstylists nationwide through the TRESemmé Stylist Training Programme. This platform provides stylists with further education and skills development from experienced hair and business experts with a focus on afro- textured and curly hair.
  • Launched the TRESemmé Salon Programme. Hairstylists all over the country have been able to receive support by being given the necessary tools and products to help their businesses grow.

Women don't have to live in a world where they have to mould their hair to fit into unrealistic ideals, telling them what to look like and who to be. We believe that the future of the hair industry should be one that uplifts women.

One that is inclusive and acknowledges the power women hold. We will always cater to the diverse needs of all South African women and their hair. We will support and give them the tools they need to be who they want to be. We pledge to continue using hair as a force for good. Now and always.

Our Pledge