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Our Purpose - four women smiling whilst one is styling hair


Hair As A Force For Good

We want every woman to look and feel inspired. To know and see that we acknowledge their expression of personal style.

To make sure we get it right and that our programmes are truly representative, we have worked closely with several leading experts in diversity and inclusion, all of whom make up our Hair Advisory Board.


The Hair Advisory Board

  • The Hair Advisory Board is appointed to help guide us through how we should represent all women; from how we communicate with them to how TRESemmé products can give them the best care for their hair.


The TRESemmé Salon Programme

  • We will continue investing in and growing the TRESemmé Salon programme, an initiative we started in 2019 to give hairstylists and salon owners nationwide the support they need to care for all hair types and grow their businesses.


The TRESemmé Stylist Training Programme

  • To give stylists a better understanding of afro-textured hair, we launched The TRESemmé Stylist Training Programme. With this initiative, we are ensuring that all hairstylists and salon owners benefit from best practices shared amongst the professional hair industry.


Through our programmes we want to uplift the hair industry. To be an industry that celebrates every woman and all hair in South Africa. One that gives women the opportunities to grow their businesses. One that gives women all the tools they need to express their personal style.

At TRESemmé, we hear you. We see you. And we are here to champion you to express your personal style and your power.


The Hair Advisory Board

Every woman deserves to be celebrated. Every woman deserves to look at the world around them and see themselves reflected back. That is why we have appointed the Hair Advisory Board to work closely together with us on all future campaigns.

On this board sits a diverse and well-informed group of experts who help make sure that our programmes are inclusive and representative. In addition, our partnership has established initiatives that will give hairstylists with small professional salons the support they need to grow their business and build on their skills. 


The TRESemmé Stylist and Salon Programme

For all hairstylists who are passionate about making women feel and look good about their hair, the TRESemmé Stylist and Salon programme have been created.

The TRESemmé Stylist Training Programme provides many aspiring stylists with the tools and training needed to help boost their business and skills, especially the techniques needed to style afro-textured hair. All hairstylists deserve to study a craft that they are passionate about without worrying about funding.

The TRESemmé Salon Programme has been underway since 2019. The programme provides stylists with the support needed to grow their businesses in the form of products, branding and PPE to protect themselves and their clients from the spread of Covid-19.

TRESemmé is committed to continue its support for these programmes and the benefits it brings to the wider hair industry.

More details on the application to both programmes will be announced soon.


Our Positive Beauty Approach

We believe in Positive Beauty. We also believe in making sure that all women have everything they need to be the best versions of themselves, inside and out. So, we will continue developing, innovating, and evolving our products to cater for all hair needs. 

We have changed the way we speak about hair on our products and in our advertising by focusing on the benefits rather than the challenges. We will continue to help build a more inclusive hair industry, not just through our product ranges but also through our ongoing support and funding for stylists that have dedicated their talent, passion and craft to making sure women across the country look and feel good.

We will create an industry that continues to give entrepreneurs the opportunities they need, to make real change every day.


The TRESemmé of The Future

It really takes a community to take a stand and work towards a new and inclusive era of beauty. An era where women confidently express themselves and be who they want to be. An era where women are given the support they need to reach their aspirations. To support this new era, we will continue innovating and evolving our product ranges to meet all hair needs. 

While working towards growing the hair industry, we will keep funding hairstylists to continue creating a progressive hair industry. We believe that with all the commitments we’ve made, we will make a real change - to make hair a force for good for all women.