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Frequently Asked Questions

Well, it’s up to you! You know you best, be it how often to wash your hair or how long you want to make your signature style last. Our Between Washes Collection is perfect for days when traditional washing isn’t part of your plan, but gorgeous, styled hair definitely is. The products included will let you stretch your style a little bit longer, no matter your washing preference.

Our salon-quality dry shampoo formulas refresh locks by soaking up the excess oil, grease, and odors in your hair. This gives your hair a cleaner, fresher appearance in no time.

To apply dry shampoo spray, start by shaking the can. Then part your hair where you feel you need to apply the product, and spray the dry shampoo on to your roots from 8-12 inches away, pointing the can down at an angle. Use your fingertips to massage the spray into your roots. Then, part your hair in a different place and repeat the process until your hair is looking fresh again!

It’s all about the application! Make sure you’re holding your arm upright and at an L-shaped angle, pointing the can down at your hair from 8-12 inches away. Also, if you tend to get residue, try using a sweeping motion across your roots to keep from product becoming concentrated in just one place.

Everything! We don’t call it All-In-1 for nothing. This lightweight styling spray can give your locks a hydration boost, tame pesky flyaways, prime your signature style, and protect your hair from heat damage. Your hair will stay sleek and stylish, smell good, and be ready for anything in no time.

Absolutely! Our products are made with you in mind. If you’re looking to reduce your frizzy hair, try our Smooth Renew anti-frizz cream. For curly hair, try our Curl Revive Styling Foam to redefine and polish your curls. Bummed out by oily hair? Our Volumizing Dry Shampoo refreshes your locks in no time.

Whether you have thick hair, fine hair, or somewhere in between, our All-In-1 Style Spray will deliver sleek texture.

All products in the Between Washes Collection are safe for use on color treated hair.