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Our Pledge to You

TRESemmé Partners & Girlboss Rally

Our Pledge to You

Did you know only 6.6% of leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies are held by women?  The gender leadership gap is occurring across all industries, but it's especially problematic in fashion and beauty where women hold less than 21 percent of leadership positions.  

As the official hair care sponsor of New York Fashion Week for 23 seasons, we've decided to launch our commitment to close the women's leadership gap in fashion, but we know that this issue extends well beyond, and so will our pledge.

The #WomenLeadTheWay Pledge is a commitment to not only advance women into leadership, but to accelerate it in two tangible ways:

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    The fashion workforce is 70% women


    Strive for gender balance across the organization through balanced slates with respect to recruiting and promotion    

  • 02
    Fashion leadership is 25% women


    Establish formal development and mentorship opportunities for women at all levels of our organization.

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    Join our pledge today!


    Want to encourage your company to support the pledge?  Writing to Human Resources can feel tough, so we've created a template that will help you create a letter of encouragement that can be sent to them.  Just download the template, copy & paste into an email or a  Word document, and fill in the empty fields.  Feel free to put your own spin on it too!

    Download your Microsoft Word template now (.docx 16kb)

    Are you a company interested in joining our pledge? Email us at

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    Show your support for the pledge by using #WomenLeadTheWay

    Click here to show your support today!