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Blogger wearing a black top and yellow, print head wrap with a white bedroom background

3 African Head Wrap Styles

As Africans, head wraps are some of our favourite accessories. They make great protective styles, and they’re perfect for covering up a bad hair day. Wrap your hair for winter or a special event with three super simple go-to head wrap styles.


Prep Step: The prep step is very important, especially if you’re wearing your head wrap as a protective style. You will really want to take advantage of its protective properties and moisturise and pamper your hair before wrapping it. We recommend the TRESemmé Botanique range, with aloe vera and coconut milk to keep moisture locked into hair.


This range is also dye, paraben, and silicone-free, as well as low in sulphates, so it won’t strip your hair of any natural moisture. Once your hair is clean, dry, and de-tangled, place a wig cap over your hair. By doing this, your scarf will stay in place when styling.


African Head Wrap Look 1:

Step 1: Take the desired scarf (preferably a long scarf) and fold it in half. Place the centre of the scarf at the back of your head, gathering it in the front of your head to make a knot.


Step 2: Twist each section of the scarf separately before twisting them together. Pull them firmly over one another as you go along to secure the twists.


Step 3: Once the whole length of the scarf has been twisted, take the twists over your head directly to the back of your neck and tuck the ends underneath the bottom of the scarf.


African Head Wrap Look 2:

Step 1: Start with the head wrap again tied in the front of the head, as in the first look.


Step 2: Twist each section of the scarf separately, this time pulling them on either side of the head. Going around the sides of your head, bring the twists to the back of your head, and then circle them back to the front once again.


Step 3: The length of your scarf will determine where your twists will be tucked in at the front of your head.


African Head Wrap Look 3:

Step 1: For the final look, you will start with the same process as the first two looks. Once you have tied a knot at the front of your head, gather the scarf together twisting both strands together as you go along.

Step 2: Twist until the scarf forms a rope-like shape. As you are doing this, roll the rope into a bun shape at the front of your head.

Step 3: Once this bun shape has been formed, gently tuck the ends under the scarf to secure the look.


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