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Blogger in bright green top, wearing dark lipstick and the completed Gatsby inspired hairstyle

Celeb Inspiration: Gatsby Hairstyle for Short Hair

Short Gatsby Inspired Wet Look

Old Hollywood is making a comeback! Old Hollywood glam is definitely back in fashion and hairstyling and what’s one of the most iconic vintage glam hairdos? Yes! The finger wave. It oozes sophistication and it’s super sexy! Suitable for any special occasion or even for when you’re just feeling like making a statement. Follow our step-by-step guide as we show you how to achieve this iconic hairstyle.


Step 1: Prep your hair.
The prep step is so important with this style because you want your hair to be as smooth and sleek as possible. For the best results we’d recommend you use the TRESemmé Salon Silk Shampoo and Conditioner and towel dry every so slightly. You want your hair to be damp with this style.


Step 2: Begin.
Comb out your hair and make a side parting. Next apply a liberal amount TRESemmé Extra Control Mousse on your hair - you need some staying power with this look.


Step 3: Wave hello.
Comb your hair. Then starting from the side of your parting that has less hair, begin shaping your hair with a fine-toothed comb. Make little “S” shapes in your hair. This might be a bit tricky at first, but with practice it becomes super easy.

You will need crocodile clips to hold your hair in place while the waves set. Place your first clip in the centre of the first “C” shape just after the loop, and just follow that trend, placing clips after each loop to not lose that “S” shape. Repeat these steps on the other side, but make the wave a bit bigger.


Step 4: The long wait… and the masterpiece.
Wait for your hair to set and for the product to dry. When this is done, remove the clips and spray with TRESemmé Firm Hold Hairspray to keep the look in place. Don’t hesitate to use more if you need it.


TIP: To make the look a bit easier, just do the front sections to achieve that finger-wave effect and leave the rest slicked back.


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