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Models lined up with beautiful hairstyles, one looking at the camera

Punk Jenny Packham Hair The Royal Knitted Bang AW17

With Brits dominating the silver screen and music scene, it’s no surprise Designer Jenny Packham’s AW17 runway looks took us by storm at New York Fashion Week

With pops of plaid, corgis, leather jackets and the Union Jack, her looks and hair paid full homage, as Packham says, to the idiosyncrasies and clichés that define British culture. Her unabashed, glittering fairytale fantasy princess looks are instantly recognizable. But this season she surprised us with subtle, rebellious British-punk edge—and we loved it.

We couldn’t think of a better ‘do to flair up her edgy English fantasy than a rockin’ modern twisted look. Loose yet elegant, a Royal Knitted Bang will make you feel like a rebellious Brit rock princess who stepped out of her castle perfectly on point.

  • 01
    A model with her damp, long brown hair being sprayed with product by a stylist just out of shot

    STEP 1:

    Start your royal routine by washing hair with TRESemmé Platinum Shampoo and Conditioner, then prime your hair by applying the TRESemmé Extra Control Mousse. Blow dry the roots with a paddle brush, while lifting hair upwards. Finish drying the ends with only hot air.

  • 02
    A stylist holding a blow dryer to a section of a model's damp hair

    STEP 2:

    Spray a few pumps of TRESemmé Heat Defence Spray to protect against heat damage. With a curling iron, curl small sections of hair starting from the back, slightly twisting strands as you wrap hair around the barrel.

  • 03
    A stylist holding a tube of product and squeezing it into his hands ready to apply to a model's hair

    STEP 3:

    After curling, part your hair to the side, leaving plenty of locks at the front for the bang.

  • 04
    A stylist applying curling tongs to a section of a model's hair with a photographer in the background

    STEP 4:

    Grab the front of your hair and start creating the bang by twisting hair away from your face.

    To create the knitted look, take small strands of hair from underneath the bang and begin wrapping them around your twisted bangs as if you were knitting, until reaching the back. Repeat the same knitting technique on the other side of hair and tie both ends together with bobby pins.

  • 05
    A stylist applying curling tongs to a section of a model's hair with a photographer in the background

    STEP 5:

    Define hair with the curling iron if needed, and tease it a little to add texture. Carefully loosen up the bangs with your fingers and tame flyaways with TRESemmé Extra Hold Hairspray.