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3 Classic hairstyles

Your pony tail

Stack it up for volume. If your pony tends to be flat and listless, a great way to pump up the volume is to stack two pony tails, one on top of the other. This will create the illusion of longer, fuller hair. Give your hair a height boost by reaching for a small butterfly clip and some volume maximiser.

Simply place the clip in the centre of your pony tail and drape the remaining hair over it to create more height. On those high-intensity days, it’s all in the pony, whether you’re running around lifting kids, in the gym or on the bicycle with your other half.  


Your bob

Shorter hair means you don’t have the benefit of hair-weight to hold styled hair in place, so the ends can be very wispy instead of offering you a textured look. Rub heavy wax between your fingers and sweep the product into the ends to add density. If you are opting for a sleek straight bob and resort to heat styling, show those locks some love with a serum or shine oil that will tame flyaway and leave your tresses super silky.

Girls with curly hair know that it can be hard to tame and accentuate your curls at the same time. The trick is to use a straightener or curling iron to define your ringlets and keep things tidy.   


Your pixie cut

To hold your Faux hawk high, volumising products can bulk up hair from the roots out. If your hair is highly textured you can then define your spikes and maintain a flexible hold by using a hairdryer. If you have a closely cropped haircut, you’ll know its not as much of a wash and wear thing as people may think.

Less hair doesn’t necessarily mean fewer bad hair days, so use a shine oil or a volumiser to keep your hair in check.If you have naturally curly hair it will appear thicker and fuller your straight-haired friends’ hairstyles. So, for you, managing a pixie cut is all about the right product. To tame your tousle, use a smoothing shampoo and rich conditioner.


Any good job starts with the right tools. So, make extra sure that the products you use are tailored to your hair type and routine. Now, blow them away!