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Hair density and elasticity explained

We often hear the common phrase, “if you look good, you feel good.” But we’d like to slightly tweak that phrase to the one thing we know best: hair. If your HAIR looks good, you will feel good!

The first step to having hair that makes you feel confident is to understand it. It’s not really in the products you use. Because if you know what your hair needs, you will be able to give it the best care. Not many people understand the terminologies that’s attributed to hair – we have two that are super important to understanding your natural hair type.

Hair Density

What is it? This is the width of your individual hair strand. By simply pulling your hair strand while it’s dry, you will discover whether your hair has a thin, medium or thick density.

Thin hair: If you pull your hair strand and it’s so thin that you can barely see it, then you have thin hair. Thin, flat hair is a problem that can quickly be fixed. Use TRESemmè products from the 24 HR Body Range which are designed for fine and thin hair to add moisture and extra body to your hair.

Medium hair: If you can feel a strand of hair slightly between your fingers and it feels thicker in texture than fine hair, then you have medium hair.

Thick density: Thick hair may be easier to identify with a simple glance. If you can distinctly feel your hair strand between your fingers, you have thick hair.

Hair Elasticity

What is it? It refers to how long a single strand of hair can stretch before it returns to its normal state. In order to find out what the elasticity of your hair is, wet a strand of hair and stretch it as much as you can. This will determine whether your hair falls under high, medium or low elasticity.

Low elasticity: In most cases you can tell that hair has low elasticity by just looking at it as it appears quite brittle. This hair snaps instantly after stretching it and if your hair falls under this category, you should avoid shampoos with harsh chemicals in them. Use the TRESemmé Platinum Strength collection which is designed to repair, strengthen and deeply nourish the hair!

Medium elasticity: Most women’s hair falls under this category. You’ll know this is your hair type if your hair stretches partially before breaking.

High elasticity: This is the strongest of all the hair types as it stretches a long way before breaking. It’s also shiny and bouncy.

Hair density and elasticity determines what kinds of products you will use. So, be kind to your hair by feeding it with nourishing products and it will reward you with a natural shine, high elasticity and compliments from those around you. TRESemmè has a wide range of products to suit all hair types and needs. Whatever your hair type is, by having some knowledge about it, you’re on your way to having healthy, luscious tresses in no time!