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How to rock the chop?

How to rock the chop

Short hair is the flavour of the moment and everyone - from models to moguls - are taking the plunge and chopping their locks. But for some of us short is not necessarily always sweet. Well, we have news for you - it can be! Here are a few ways you can tear up the town with a short ‘do’, no matter your hair type.  


Beachy waves 

Not only is this a great alternative to the angular bobs – which can be difficult if your hair is not naturally straight – but it can add texture to compliment your cheeky beachwear. If your hair is naturally curly, you can simply maximise your waves by using volumising products


Super short 

Super short can be surprisingly versatile. So, whether you opt for a close crop, like Nandi Mngoma, or a slightly longer pixie cut, like Kate Hudson, make short work for you. To achieve a more piecey look try a texturizing spray for instant texture. Alternatively, if you are looking for a wash and wear appearance you can use a hair oil to calm unruly locks but still keep your natural movement. 


Add a curl 

It shouldn’t be a question of how to curl short hair, but rather a question of what curly style you want to try today. From a one-sided twist that gives the illusion of an undercut to a full head of spirally volume, short hair and curls can go hand-in-hand - if you know how. 



For an easy way to dress up a short ‘do’, the slicked back look is a sultry winner. And the shorter your hair is, the easier the look is to achieve! All it takes is a liberal amount of leave-in styling product such as a styling mousse or hairspray. Then slick back your hair from the roots using your hands for a messier look, or a comb for added precision and Voila!


Tie a scarf 

A head wrap can be a stunning accessory or it can help to hide a hair emergency. The point is it’s a versatile item that every person with short hair – and long hair for that matter - should have in their styling arsenal. So, whether it’s a summer bandana or a chic evening turban a headscarf is your styling friend. The big chop can look fierce on just about anyone! So, it’s time to throw caution to the wind – you can thank us later.