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Greasy hair Products

Nothing takes the shine off a day like a bout of greasy hair. If you’re frequently finding your locks are looking limp and greasy, our professional products are here to help you get rid of the grease for good.



Those who suffer from oily hair should try washing with a shampoo that targets residue and build-up, like the TRESemmé Botanix Nourish & Replenish shampoo for oily hair, which clarifies and refreshes hair for a salon-fresh look. What's more, it's gentle enough for daily use.


But let's face it: we all know it can be a hassle washing your strands every day. So here's another way to deal with greasy hair: dry shampoo. Perfect for those in-between days, dry shampoo helps absorb excess oils to leave a refreshed, just-washed look.


If you’re struggling with oily roots and dry ends, there’s no need to panic. A quick and easy solution is to use a lightweight conditioner like the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Conditioner — it’ll help restore moisture without weighing hair down. Just apply only to the lengths and ends where nourishment is needed.


Grease-free and gorgeous? You bet.


Always on the look-out for products inspired by nature? Stop the search! We’ve found a way to infuse a blend of nutrient-rich botanicals with our professional-quality formulas. The result? TRESemmé Botanix: a collection completely free from parabens and dyes, to help reveal your hair’s natural beauty.

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Transform flat locks into a salon-ready style in minutes! The TRESemmé 24 Hour Body collection, with our unique volume control complex, helps to keep your hair bold and full of bounce all day long.

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