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A stylist applies hair spray to a model's long dark, greasy hair.

How to get rid of greasy hair


There's nothing quite like the feeling of hair when it's freshly washed. But it can be especially frustrating to find those clean locks turning greasy faster than you can keep up with. If you find yourself resorting to ponytails, excessive product and hats to hide greasy hair, don't fear: we've got some handy tips on how to get rid of greasy hair.


1. Bye Bye, Brush 


When you're aiming to detangle tresses or tease out a bun, bristle brushes tend to distribute product and oil down the length of the hair shaft, exacerbating greasy-looking locks. Opt for a wide-toothed comb instead – the spacing between the comb's teeth will mean it'll distribute less oil, helping to reduce the appearance of greasy hair.


2. Detox Your Locks


It may well be tempting to load up on wax, mousse and creams to give lank, oily strands some lift and shape. However, too much too often can leave your hair feeling flat and looking greasy. The solution? A hair detox. Using a deep cleansing system, like TRESemmé Botanix Nourish & Replenish Shampoo and Conditioner, helps remove build up and residue, restoring your hair's natural vitality.


3. Choose 'Non-Sticky' Formulas


Like oily skin, oily hair won't be improved by adding excess moisture. The problem with greasy locks isn't dehydration, so steer clear of shine-inducing or super-moisturizing products. Instead, look out for lightweight products and styling solutions that promise a non-sticky finish—these can help manage your hair without overloading on residue.


4. The Emergency Fix


Picture the scene: it's date night and you'll be at work until late, which means no chance to wash away the day's greasy locks before you head out – nightmare! Don't panic: there's a perfect quick fix for when time is short. Dry shampoos absorb excess oil from hair and help eliminate odor, leaving locks looking refreshed and revitalized. Use it in between washes, or in emergencies when your hair needs a quick freshen up: it's our favorite fail-safe for how to get rid of greasy hair.


5. Wake Up and Wash 


Your body is working even when you're not—whilst you sleep, the oil-producing glands in your scalp are hard at work making sebum (your hair's natural oils). And yep, you guessed it: this is the stuff that coats your hair and makes it look greasy. If your scalp over-produces sebum, sometimes you might find your hair looking greasy even when you've just got out of bed. It might sound obvious, but the best way to battle morning grease is to wash your hair in the morning instead of at night. It'll help remove residue and oils that have built-up overnight and leave your hair feeling fresher for longer.


So don't let greasy hair weigh down your look. Now you know how to get rid of oily hair, you can get your locks back in balance and feeling fresh.


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