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TRESemmé heritage stems from salons: image shows model with dark hair having her hair washed


TRESemmé understands how great hair gives you the confidence to walk taller every day. Delivering that feeling has driven TRESemmé since Edna L. Emmé founded the brand in 1948. She embodied this confidence; the perfect role model for inspiring modern women today. Intelligent and beautiful, Edna was a rule breaker and entrepreneur, a powerful package who was admired for her beauty but remembered for her intelligence and tenacity. 

She was also a trailblazer for women in the workplace. Rising from the machine floor to the boardroom, she became vice-president of the Godfroy Manufacturing Company, a rare achievement in an age when executives were almost exclusively men. 

It was at Godfroy that Edna launched TRESemmé – originally developed as a salon range for strong, smooth hair, and named after Edna, with a well deserved play on the French for ‘much-loved’. Having worked as a hairdresser in her sister’s salon, she knew how great hair boosts confidence. So at a time when professional products were just available in salons, it was Edna who had the vision to bring professional-quality hair to women at home – making hair history by introducing TRESemmé to the public.

She was a true pioneer, speaking at the White House on the role of women in business in 1938, and directly influencing the evolution of the hair and beauty industry, as president of the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Association. Because when Edna spoke, the beauty world listened. 

She continued to pave the way for women in her personal and professional career. She conquered and impacted an industry that she helped to make a reality. And she did it alone. In fact, “You’ve got the Emmé in you” was a family term used to symbolise courage. 

Photo of Edna Emmé smiling at the camera wearing a black blouse

“If a woman is feeling low in her mind, a trip to the beauty shop will pep her up every time.”

Edna Emmé

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