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Whether it’s deadlines, social commitments or general life admin, from the moment you wake up there’s enough weighing on your mind. Adding static and seasonally dry hair to the list is not ideal, that’s why we’ve got a number of quick-fix styling hacks to help you go from bed head to hair boss in a matter of minutes. 


Easy Morning Styling Solutions  

We’re all about reaching for the stars, but not when it comes to your hair. It’s no secret that what causes static hair is the colder season and during this time of the year, hair has a mind of its own. Whether you have straight or curly hair – no one is safe from static hair season. So, if you want to know how to stop static hair after straightening or simply how to achieve that effortless “I-woke-up-like-this” look throughout the day, here are a handful of styling tips to keep that static at bay.


A quick wash

More often than not, what makes your hair static is dry weather and electricity. However, a large part of our morning routine is spent styling and fiddling with our static hair when you should simply start from scratch. So instead, start off by giving your hair a gentle wash. There’s no better feeling than newly washed hair and hydrating conditioners help dry hair.* When your week is demanding enough as is, a time-consuming styling routine is not how you want to start your day. To get that free-floating frizz under control, try a nourishing shampoo and conditioner that includes moisture-trapping coconut oil and aloe vera.



Once you’ve hopped out the shower, dry your hair gently by twisting it in a towel. Then apply a dot of air-dry curl cream to your fingers and gently run them through your hair, bunching the hair as you go to tighten your natural waves or curls. Finally plait your hair then twist the plait into a bun and let it dry during your commute to work. 


On-the-go solutions for static hair

Ultimately, electricity is what causes static hair and that’s as a result of two items rubbing together and creating friction. No matter how well you style it – once you pull your jumper over your head, hello static hair. So, if you’re planning on straightening it, always use heat protectant* to minimise damage and keep some products in your bag to help maintain the frizz throughout the day. A great one that’s also travel friendly is an air-dry smoothing spray. If your hair is starting to get static at work, give it a few sprays, a brush and pin down the sides using pearl-embellished hair clips. Fabulous and frizz-free.


With a little know-how and the right tools, you can easily maintain and prevent static hair throughout your day. Because when it comes to hair care – quick-fix solutions are the real lifesavers.


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