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Hydrating Conditioner for Dry Hair

Hydrating Conditioner for Dry Hair – Prevent Winter Damage

With winter in full swing and party season on the way, the time to nourish your hair is now more than ever. Whether it’s super-hot showers, heaters blasting in every room or a hydrating conditioner, prevent your hair from getting stripped of moisture this winter with our everyday remedies for flat and curly hair. Say goodbye to breakage and hello healthy.

Preventing Dry Hair

Winter is a tricky season for dry hair. Whether it’s from dryness or being exposed to extreme heat, both our skin and hair gets stripped of moisture. From the heated trains on your morning commute, to your heater blasting hot air throughout your home – without even knowing it, your hair is exposed to moisture-stripping environments all throughout winter.

Everyday tips

Although there’s not much you can do about your commute, you can make a few changes in your everyday life to prevent hair damage during the colder season. Swap a super-hot shower for a bath; or wear a shower cap and rinse your hair with cold water over the sink when it needs a wash. Also, try to avoid colouring your hair – particularly box dyes. If you really need to touch up those roots than invest in hydrating conditioner for colour treated hair.

Remedies for dry hair

With dry damaged hair, there is no real quick-fix solution. Instead, slowly incorporate more heavy-duty moisturizers, like a hydrating conditioner for dry hair, into your weekly hair care routine. Once a week bite the bullet and wash your hair using cold water, this traps in moisture and minimises breakage. Also, when it’s dryer a hydrating leave in conditioner helps with static hair* such as a Keratin hair mask. Leave it in and rinse using cold water again. This will help with any seasonal damage your hair has undergone throughout the week. So now you can minimise hair damage and unruly hair behaviour – it’s a win, win.

If dry hair damage is something you struggle with year-round, then try to introduce some Omega 3 enriched ingredients into your diet. Flax seed oil is great as it helps feed your hair with protein and moisture, not only making it stronger but also helping it to grow.

Everyday styling tips for damaged hair

Winter and the festive period collide, which means your hair gets a double-up on damage. That’s why we’ve got a few ideas of how to swerve straighteners, blow outs and curlers. For example, after washing your hair apply an air-dry smoothing spray and twist your towel-dried hair into a bun. Take it one step further and invest in a chic beanie that you would feel comfortable pairing with your outfit during your commute. This way, the heat released for the top of your head gets trapped and ultimately dries and straightens your hair. The minute you arrive at the office, you can whip it off and shake it loose – looking glamorous as always.

Although you can’t escape the nasty bite of winter, you can prevent, remedy and style your hair in ways that help caring for your dry and damaged locks, easy.